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How to check for Process Simulator Updates!

Checking for Process Simulator Updates

The Check for Process Simulator Update allows you to download any available update, and then installs the update.

In order to have access to updates, you will need a current Maintenance & Support agreement. If you have questions regarding your Maintenance & Support agreement, please contact your responsible GBU employee at info@gbumbh.de.

Quickly check to see if an update exists by clicking the top right corner of the software for the Updates button. This will appear by the Help button icon when an update is available.

Based on your Maintenance & Support agreement you will be authorized to download the update or will be prompted to update your agreement.

It is recommended that you check regularly for updates to Process Simulator.

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Licensing FAQs

I need to move my software license to another computer, can I do this on my own?
Yes. Install the software on the desired computer and then go ahead and log in. To do this, you must first log out of the software on the previous computer.

I want to upgrade my computer’s operating system, or make a major change to my computer’s configuration, should I be concerned?

My software license no longer appears to be functioning. What should I do?
If the problem persists, please contact your responsible GBU employee at info@gbumbh.de.

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